Heya, I'm Cinney!

I've been in love with visual communication and illustration for as long as I can remember. I am inspired by human emotion and storytelling, and I want to channel this passion into effective design solutions and exploring new creative concepts.

In terms of my personal philosophy, I'm interested in creating functional work that resonates and connects with people on an emotional level. In this vein, I believe that illustration and hand-lettering can convey otherwise dry information in a fresh and charming way. I like to incorporate illustration as content communication while serving as an eye-catching selling point for a project.

I also revel in the design process from start to finish - from the initial research and ideation, to design development and project refinement. I believe in understanding a client and their culture in order to develop a visual language that expresses their values and engages their audience.

When I'm not designing or illustrating, I like to hike, indulge in desserts, and not-so-elegantly surf at Bondi. You can also see what I've been up to on my personal Instagram, or catch up with my latest play and progress on Dribbble.