Palace Mirrors

Rebranding Project

Branding, Print, Illustration, Logo Design

Palace Mirrors is a business operated by designer Melinda Trost. She produces glass finishes that replicate antique or aged mirrors, as well as creating furniture, lighting, and wall installations for domestic and commercial settings. Since Melinda caters to a niche market of clients seeking a high-end and romantic style of interior decoration, the main priority was to create a visual identity that communicates the intimate and intricate quality of her work, as well as embellishing her antique style with a contemporary flair to access a more diverse audience.

To help viewers visualise the appearance of Melinda’s popular mosaic panels, the typography is see-through yet rigid, while the logo symbol’s square shape echoes the structure of the typography and her mosaics. Patterns and an illustration were also drawn using the same grid as a base structure in order to present a cohesive visual language. These textures and colours were applied in various layouts for the marketing collateral to create a unified diversity. A DL-sized envelope, event invitation, and A4 folder were chosen as additional collateral to address the business’ immediate marketing needs.


Palace Mirrors

Project process

Developmental goodies, sketches, and experiments.

Logo Process 10.jpeg
Circle Logos.jpg
Logo Process 13.jpeg
pattern01 14.jpg
pattern01 11.jpg